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Flight Planning Specialist
at Aerospace Industry
Houston, TX

Flight Planning Specialist
at Aerospace Industry
Houston, TX

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Job Description


Job Purpose: 


Flight Planning Specialist is primarily responsible for providing computerized flight plans to Universal clients under occasional supervision of experienced flight planner. Specialist assists in the preparation and guidance of the flight and provides the crew with the essential information required for safety of flight. Ensure services are professionally arranged in a timely manner in accordance with all applicable policies, procedures, regulations and client preferences by collaborating closely with external providers, internal team members and other departments. Manage international and domestic client preferential information, maintain working knowledge of aircraft characteristics, limitations and general flight theory, review routing permit requirements and construction of client usable routings to meet operational requirements and geo-political restraints. Perform other duties as assigned.


Responsibilities and Associated Duties: 

  • Build flight routes and computerized flight plans based on most economic routes, client preferences, current & forecast weather conditions, NOTAMS, permit requirements, aircraft performance specifications, fuel reserves, air traffic control actions, equal time points, alternate airfields, geopolitical concerns, and other factors under minimal supervision; will require assistance on complex requests.
  • File computer flight plans with appropriate authorities in a timely manner with considerable attention to safety of flight and client preferences.
  • Brief pilots on optimum flight routes. 
  • Communicate recommendations on best locations for refueling.
  • Answer various questions on flight planning regarding specific routes, fuel burns, and why a specific routing was chosen over another.
  • Translate and generate flight plans containing specialized and technical information for international clients including the translation and review of flight planning comments and NOTAMS.
  • Brief pilots on optimum routes; suggest best stops for refueling and answer various questions on flight planning.
  • Collaborate with weather forecasters to determine safest route and most suitable alternate airports.
  • Coordinate with Portfolio Teams to resolve discrepancies in book entries.
  • Assist Portfolio Teams with flight planning questions and determining best route for permit requests.
  • Collaborate with weather supervisor to ensure balanced workload distribution.
  • Confirm aircraft are on file with the appropriate agencies in order to receive clearance for departure.
  • Monitor mission support system to ensure flight planning services are completed and services are acknowledged and confirmed for assigned missions according to required leadtimes, curfews, operating hours, and other time driven factors.
  • Check all transactions, messages and requests before transmission and thoroughly review each folder upon completion of the assigned task to ensure accuracy; maintain high level of quality as defined by individual quality and productivity performance measures.
  • Identify issues and work with peers and management to recommend solutions to increase the quality of products and services.
  • Actively work to develop skills and expertise.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements: 

  • Some college or equivalent military experience required; prefer degree in Meteorology, Aviation, Geography, or similar field.
  • Minimum five (05) years of aviation experience required.
  • FAA Dispatcher License or Air Traffic Control certification required.  
  • Must be proficient and capable of working in a computerized office environment including:
    • Knowledge and skill in Microsoft Office Suite
    • Demonstrated keyboarding skills
  • Ability to navigate multiple proprietary databases simultaneously to provide services to clients in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Ability to use a multi-line telephone to include, but not limited to placing calls on hold, transferring calls, and setting up conference calls
  • Ability to apply basic math skills to accurately calculate flight schedules
  • Ability to apply military time using 24-hour clock
  • General knowledge of geography and the ability to determine how it relates to travel
  • Ability to apply attention to detail to ensure accuracy of data entered into proprietary trip support system

Working Conditions

  • Open floor plan with cubicles in a team based call center environment
  • Rotating shifts in a 24/7, 365 days a year operation  



This position description highlights a general description of duties and responsibilities. Employee(s) may be assigned other duties, in addition to or in lieu of those described herein, and any duties are subject to change at any time, according to the needs of the location or Company.

Company Description

We are a privately held company headquartered in Houston, Texas that provides products and services for the general aviation industry.

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