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Customer Operations Project Manager
at Amdocs, Inc.
Mount Laurel, IL

Customer Operations Project Manager
at Amdocs, Inc.
Mount Laurel, IL

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Job ID:71061 
Required Travel :No Travel 
Managerial - No 

Who are we?

If you’re a smartphone user then you are part of an ever more connected and digital world. At Amdocs, we are leading the digital revolution into the future. From virtualized telecommunications networks, Big Data and Internet of Things to mobile financial services, billing and operational support systems, we are continually evolving our business to help you become more connected. We make sure that when you watch a video on YouTube, message friends on SnapChat or send your images on Instagram, you get a great service anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We are at the heart of the telecommunications industry working with giants such as AT&T, Vodafone, Telstra and Telefonica, helping them create an amazing new world for you where technology is being used in amazing new ways every single day.

In one sentence

Overall responsibility and accountability for development and maintenance of software projects. Builds, leads and directs software house strategy to achieve business goals and deliver high quality software. Responsible for leading development teams and ensuring collaboration, synergy and operational excellence to achieve strategy and goals.

What will your job look like?
  • Software House Leadership - Establishes the vision, strategy, and direction in line with overall strategy and investment direction. Owns the overall SW development budget (e.g., AOP, project budget), creates a progressive environment that embraces change, and leads changes essential for the achievement of both short and long term goals. Promotes clarity and alignment by communicating effectively to the unit/account as well as to all relevant stakeholders.
  • People Leadership - Coaches and mentors managers and empowers them to lead their own projects and employees. Attracts, develops, and retains talent to ensure people have the right skills and motivation to meet business needs and are in the right place at the right time. Creates an engaging environment and builds a sense of pride among employees. Sets individual goals, performance, and growth targets for the unit/account management team. Encourages/rewards cooperation between teams, encourages innovative pursuit of finding ways to achieve goals, and supports qualified risk taking.
  • Operational Excellence - Establishes software engineering processes and programs. Constantly assists the unit to meet its KPIs, for example QSBT (Quality, Scope, Budget, and Timeline). Continuously improves unit’s knowledge and performance. Facilitates decision-making, issue resolution, and consensus among team members and peers. Establishes learning and innovation culture. Responsible for development of software engineering and management tools, methodologies, standards, and best practices to support unit efficiency and productivity. Reviews unit TCO and drive cost efficiency.
  • Project Management - Maintains overall view of projects handled by unit and manages project priorities. Audits and follows up on the overall plan, status, strategy, risks, and conflicts under the project management domain. Proactively performs deep dives for critical points and major milestones. Ensures optimal allocation of resources (based on cost and knowledge) for projects in accordance with need while ensuring flexibility. Serves as the escalation point and trusted advisor for stakeholders and strives to create win-win situations.
  • Engineering Quality Focus - Oversees quality metrics, best practices, and coding patterns. Provides deep expertise for the engineering strategy and implementation. Uses deep technology expertise and market best practices to enable teams to deliver quality solutions. Promotes a culture of quality and ensures that team standards are consistent with the overall solution.
  • Customer Focus - Understands customer business needs, market trends and directions, and the dynamic nature of the business to align the teams appropriately. Adds value to customer’s business. Builds and maintains a trusting relationship with the customer, ensuring ongoing value delivery and assisting the customer in succeeding in the market.
  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement - Promotes and instills a culture of continuous improvement and efficiency to the software/business processes through out-of-the-box thinking on products and processes and by utilizing/creating new software engineering tools and different innovation techniques.


All you need is...

       Role Requirements

  • +5 years of experience in operations management for Telecommunication Billing systems
  • +5 years experience leading multiple development teams through software development cycles and projects.
  • +5 years of proven experience with managed services and operation management.
  • Proven experience managing on-shore and off-shore teams with more than 20 resources. 
  • Communication and customer facing skills are a must.

    Preferred Qualifications
  • Knowledge on Kenan and C1 product is an advantage
Why you will love this job:
  • You will work on large challenging and complex programs
  • You will be able to work with the best and brightest minds to collaborate across accounts/regions to provide a single voice
  • You will have the opportunity to work with the industry most advanced technologies


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