Minneapolis Professional Diversity Career Fair

Network To Get the Best Work! 

Explore new career opportunities at the Minneapolis Professional Diversity Career Fair.

Come to meet face-to-face with recruiters from the best companies in Minneapolis. Stop waiting for someone to call you for an interview; polish up your resume, bring plenty of copies, and come to get in front of the key decision-makers. This event is FREE and open to all professionals from Minneapolis and surrounding areas.






As part of the second annual event series, a variety of partners will welcome thousands of people – newcomers, MSP lifers, and everyone in between – to MSP through a series of events, meetups, and social campaigns.

Of the tens of thousands of people who move to MSP each year, no two are exactly the same. That’s why MSP Welcome Week works to reach everyone who identifies as a newcomer to the region through a diverse line-up of opportunities. The goal? Provide a broad range of opportunities to enjoy MSP and get connected to the communities that make this place great.



Job Seeker Tips

Bring Your Résumé

Have extra copies of your résumé on hand. Need a résumé refresh? Try Résunate our award-winning résumé optimizing tool!

Visit Employer Websites

Educate yourself about available positions. Being well versed in a company's available positions will help with discussions.

Sell Yourself

Prepare a brief "elevator pitch" about yourself to clearly communicate your strengths, skills and interests.

Minneapolis, MN
401 Chicago Ave
September 17, 2019
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